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MSAHBH25ZCiNotes - Fixed an issue on in Safari on iPadOS 13 that logging in to iNotes leads to full mode desktop UI instead of Ultra-light mode for mobile...
KSOABFWNUANotes - Fixed an issue where Designer menus like Source and Refactor were appearing in the Notes client menu bar on first launch of Notes client...
Hide details for ViewView
KHORBGLRT8Client - Widgets - Fixed an issue where the Eclipse iFolderLayout class does not display folders in custom plugins deployed as Notes Widgets. This...
Hide details for Virtual FieldVirtual Field
KKOOAW5AU4HEI - Fixed a problem where Finish Time was not being recorded in log.nsf for virtual field activities which had "Synchronize Key Documents" option...
Hide details for Web AppWeb App
CSIOBKPHDXFixed a problem where the CKEditor stopped working in web app after upgraded to 10.0. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
JUYYBJK4QVFixed an issue where there was an HTTP performance issue due to a lock on a semaphore which had been locked by a thread that did not...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
SRKMBFNESRXPages - Fixed an issue where Edit document Custom Control in XPages would show a dialog box instead of editing the document after the session is...
PJONAW7SSBDesigner - xPages - Fixed an issue here the Data palette drop down menu was blank resulting in being unable to define a new data source using hthe...
ECRABKGHN6Designer - Xpages - Fixed a performance issue that would occur when creating a new Xpage and adding items from the Core Controls the switching...
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Hide details for 11.011.0
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
RJTOB9ANCAFixed an issue where Delete Person action in Domino Directory request with the option "Delete mail replicas on all others server" may fail with a...
SMOYB9JMCNAdminp was incorrectly creating a Monitor Stub request for a Create Replica request, in effect treating it as a Move request. This has been...
TKAAB649CXFixed a problem with the collecting schedule for statistics report so that the event generators will only be read/updated if the configuration...
TKAAB77B3QFixed a problem where changes to Domino server event generators (enabled/disable) were not being picked up promptly. The work-around was to restart...
MSKABBZH3LAdminp was failing when creating replicas for large databases on large disks (2TB). The work around was to create the replica directly via the UI....
BBSZAD7DZVFixed a problem where a NRF (Notes Redirect File) was incorrectly being created when deleting database via Admin Process when the create a marker...
MSKABFAHA6Admin Client - Fixed a problem where the Admin Client was crashing in the Server->Status->Server Console pane, when certain Live Console menu/pop-up...
MSKABFVJKNAdmin Client - DB2 related UI elements have been removed from the Admin client.
Hide details for Administration ClientAdministration Client
MSKABA2HNLWhen managing ID vault password reset authorities in the Domino Administration client an internal 64k limit was being reached that prevented more...
KKOOB9E3KDAdmin Client - The icon for ID Vault tools section in the People and Configuration tabs of the admin client was missing. This has been corrected. ...


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